Will I get updates on when my order will arrive?

Yes.  If you include a mobile number or email address when you order, you’ll be notified at 3 stages.  The first one notification will tell you when the beer leaves our warehouse, the second on the morning of delivery confirming a 1 hour delivery window and the third when you are the next stop on the delivery driver’s route.  You can also track your order by following this link and entering your consignment number.

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    Mark Doggett

    Hi, sorry to be a pain but I have just had part of an order delivered today with none of what you stated happening? I received no notification at all it was on its way and you have my email address on my acount:( it is the first order I have placed with you and it was lucky someone was in to receive the delivery. I only hope the second part of the delivery to complete the order will arrive but I may get some notification it is on its way beforehand? Yours Mark :)

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